Elementary Eschatology is an excellent work on end time events as presented from the pre-millennial perspective, which we believe is the correct understanding of eschatology. Some of this book’s qualities include its simple writing style and its well structured format. Although the style is easy to read and the book is fairly short, it is loaded with good, sound, and strong theological arguments for pre-millennialism. Brother Ross gets right to the point without tedious and cumbersome verbiage. The book is also easy to reference (especially electronically).  Additionally, Brother Ross uses numerous Scripture references to support his views.


We appreciate Brother Ross for giving us permission to publish this work on our website, and for giving it to us on electronic format for easy publishing. May the Lord use the book in a great way for the teaching and edification of His people throughout the world. 


This and other works by Brother Ross are available in hard copy as follows:


Elementary Eschatology  $7.00 per plust P&H


Outlines of Systematic Theology  $9.95 per plus P&H

10 or more 8.95 and no P&H

(Based on T.P. Simmons Systematic Theology)


Cultivating Christian Character  $6.95 per plus P&H

10 or more $5.95 and no P&H


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