To my brother Elmer his wife Winona and their children and their families.


To the people of Landmark Baptist Church:


Pastor Paul Jackson and his wife Rhonda, Kendall Brantley and Deborah and their daughter Jessica. Shelley Price, Neal Salter and his wife, Becky.


Joey Powell and his wife Tara, Jim Gillis and his wife, Christi. Winston Domingo and his wife Stephanie. Reggie Roberts and his wife Carmen. Wayne Collins and his wife Samantha. Deanna Stoddard.


Sam Henry and especially to his wife Cara who took the time to edit this work for me.


"For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to contradict nor withstand." Luke 21:15





This is the second volume dealing with the Doctrines of Grace. The first was the Sovereignty and The Righteousness of God.


I pray that if you have this book in your possession that you also have a copy of the first one for they go together.


If we are truly to be members of the church that Jesus built and is still building we need to truly understand His grace. He began His church in Matt. 16:18 and said so. He is still adding to his churches to this day. He gives us a solid foundation in his Word. His Doctrines.


There are those who maintain that doctrine is not important to ordinary members of a church but I say the opposite that it is absolutely necessary that they study them and understand them so that they may be obedient to God's Word.


Baptist need to be "the people of the book", that is, a people who study the Word so that God may find them acceptable when the day comes. We need to be those who, like the Bereans, "search the scriptures to see" if what we hear and read is what the Word of God says. We need to believe what God has given to us until the Holy Spirit leads us to a higher plain.


I am a Baptist and make no apologies for it. The Independent Landmark Baptist Church teaches what I find to be the truth and so I stay with them or with the churches of like faith and order.


I can only serve this up as I have come to understand it myself and so I pray that God has given me the ability to transmit it to you in a form that is readable and that will bring glory to God and a blessing to you as the study did to me.


Edwin B. Fountain




Lyons Landmark Baptist Church


Lyons, Georgia