As the son of a Baptist minister for a number of years, I feel led to write a few words of preface to this little book of thirteen sermons by John R. Gilpin, who deceased this life on December 7, 1974.


The messages contained in this book were originally preached from the pulpit of the First Baptist Church of Russell, Kentucky. Since then they have appeared in The Baptist Examiner, a weekly paper published by Calvary Baptist Church, P.O. 910, Ashland, Kentucky 41101. They also have been used on various radio stations throughout the United States.


The message from which this book is entitled was the last sermon he preached on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1974, which through the Lord's Sovereignty was his 50th Anniversary in the ministry.


There are a few statements made which, today, seem out of place, but the reader should consider that some of these messages were delivered over forty years ago. I have made but few minor changes from the original manuscript in order to follow as closely as possible "Dad's Style." It is my heart's desire that as you read these messages, that you will be blessed and edified as thousands before you.


John R. Gilpin, Jr.

September 1, 1976