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It is a joy to us to present herewith a reprint of what we consider the greatest book ever written on the return of our Lord.

This book will make sad all the A-Millennialists and the Post-Millennialists. However, the lovers of Pre-Millennialism, which is the truth of the Scripture, will he happy to see this book again in print.

It is true that after writing this book Mr. Pink swerved in his doctrinal position and all the A-Millennialists make much of the fact that he, as they say, repudiated this book. It so happens that the writer was a personal friend of Mr. Pink and knew him well. He is one of the few individuals who is living today who knew Mr. Pink and he happens to know that had Mr. Pink lived he would have doubtlessly repudiated his "repudiation." He had been influenced by the writings of another individual, which caused him to temporarily turn from Pre-Millennialism. At the time of his death he was on the verge of turning back to embrace his original position as set forth in this book.

We do not say that we agree fully with Mr. Pink in all his conclusions, yet with minor differences we believe this to be an outstanding book. Mr. Pink was interested in teaching babes in Christ the doctrine of Christís return. This is our desire today that we might teach these glorious Pre-Millennial truths to all babes in Christ and thus we have reprinted the book.

This book was originally produced in 1918 under the shadows of World War I. We did not change nor filter the text, but have reproduced the book as it was originally printed. The reader should take this into consideration in view of some statements found herein.

May The Lord richly bless this book for His own glory.

John R. Gilpin, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church