Notwithstanding that many of the ablest Biblical expositors and theologians rightly regard the Romish church as the apocalyptic, “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus,” some church historians and some professors in Theological Seminaries, treat her as the “Christian church,” and the true witnessing church as “heretics” and “heresies.” Surely, it is high time this was reversed.


Baptist churches being regarded as but one among the Reformation sects, no wonder there is so little interest in Baptist history that several of the best publications on Baptist history, by the American Baptist Publication Society, have hardly returned the financial outlay in publishing them. Regarding Baptists but one of modern sects, thinking and conscientious people naturally reject their exclusive claims and practices. Seeing this, Baptist opponents leave “unturned no stone” to teach the people that Baptist churches are in origin “but of yesterday.” In this, Baptist opponents are wiser than Baptists who are content that Baptist Church Perpetuity be presented as a trifle.


Seeing that one man has as much right to originate a church as has another, ambitious and designing men, by originating new sects, are continuously adding to the babel of sectarianism. Thus the answer to Christ's prayer — “that they may all be one…, that the world may believe that thou hast sent me” — is hindered and infidelity is perpetuated.


Calling on God to witness his sincerity, the author of this book gladly expresses his Christian affection for every blood-washed soul — whatever may be his or her creed. He begs that this book be taken not as an assault on any dear child of God, but as a Biblical and historical exposition and demonstration of very important practical truth — truth sorely needed for this falsely liberal and sectarian age.


The book has been worded and the proof read by time snatched in revival meetings from needed rest. For any little oversights which possibly may appear in it, let this be the explanation. Nearly all quotations within this volume having been made in person by its author — excepting a very few, and they from reliable sources — the reader can use them with the greatest assurance.


The author thanking the public for the generous reception given his other books, which has encouraged him to send this one out, with profound gratitude to God for the opportunity and the grace to publish this one, signs himself,





May, 1894.