Few ancient Baptist histories remain in existence today, due to the fact that in times of great persecution the writers were slain, and their writings burned by their persecutors. Most of our history has been written by our enemies, and in some respects this is good, because it at least gives Baptists an unbiased record.


However, G. H. Orchard, the author of this work, was a Baptist pastor in England. As such he went to great lengths to search out of antiquity the records of Baptist beginnings, persecutions, and achievements to the 18th century. Being much nearer their origin than we of this generation, he had access to records that are not available to us today. In this history important quotations from the ancient records are preserved, and we feel should continue in circulation for generations who would

otherwise never see them.


It is for these reasons the decision has been made by the publishers to reprint this CONCISE HISTORY OF BAPTISTS by G. H. Orchard. It was kept in circulation for many years by the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Ky. Since they have not chosen to republish the work, and have graciously agreed that we should do so, this edition of the history is the end result. We trust that it may be used extensively to keep our young Baptist ministers informed of their heritage, as well as Baptist families throughout the land.


With attempts now being made to discredit Dr. Orchard's work, this will not be easy, but its documentation of each item speaks for itself. Help us keep it alive.